Two Mules for Tony Sparano

Posted: 21st December 2009 by Dave Trembley in NFL
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Raise your hand if the Miami Dolphins 27-24 overtime loss to the Tennessee Titans yesterday made you think of an obscure 1970 movie called "Two Mules For Sister Sara," starring Clint Eastwood and Shirley MacLaine. á Okay. I didnÆt think so. á Oddly enough, it did remind me of that. Not so much the movie, but the title. And truthfully, not so much the title, but the idea of two mules. á Not one mule, but two mules. á And not real mules loaded down with bedrolls and clanging pots and spare ponchos, but metaphoric mules, ones with symbolic value. á And the symbolic value of the two mules further came to me in terms of a good mule and a bad mule. (If there was a third metaphoric mule, then another Clint Eastwood movie could be lifted for this blog: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly). á But ...

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