Time Heals All Wounds for Patriot Fans, or Does It?

Posted: 9th December 2009 by Mike Allen in NFL
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Well, it's been a couple ofádays now since the Patriots' disastrous defeat at the hands of the Miami Dolphins. For me, it took a couple of days for the sting of that game to wear off.á Well, not entirely, but time is supposed to heal all wounds, or so I have been led to believe. In either case, as bad as the day turned out to be, with the Patriots losing for the second time in a row, and equaling their total number of losses (five) that they incurred last season with Matt Cassell at the helm, one other thing stood out. It happened on Monday morning when I perused through the sports pages of the local newspaper and turned the page to the NFL standings. And lo and behold, there it was, plain as day and staring me right in the eyeball. In fact, both eyeballs.á The New England Patriots wer ...

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