The Verdict: Steelers Coaches Failing in Critical Situations

Posted: 2nd December 2009 by Joseph Sirimarco in NFL
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Well, concerning our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers I think that we can honestly say (with apologies to Oliver Hardy), "That's another fine mess you've gotten yourselves into."

But don't blame Dennis Dixon for the loss to the Ravens.  He played as well as could be expected given the circumstances, maybe even better.  Yes, he made one big mistake, and some would-have-been-disastrous near misses.  But admit it, he played far better than any of us expected.

Nor should we blame the players exclusively.  Yes, execution is important (obviously), but so are strategy and tactics. The perfect execution of a bad play-call will still result in failure.

On Monday, the coaches, on offense, defense, and special teams, failed the team in critical situations. ...

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Article written by Joseph Sirimarco

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