The NFL Needs to Reach a New CBA Agreement, Set a Rookie Salary Cap

Posted: 2nd January 2010 by Tom Torkelson in NFL
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The NFL should have learned a lesson from the most recentáNHL lockout, and the multiple lockouts other major sports have been hit with. If and when a league halts play due to money grubbing...what does that say to the average fan? "We're not making enough money. Profits are only up 5 percent this year. We need to make x millions more, lets fight the players in negotiations, and push for more dollars to stay in our bank accounts. If they won't bend, we'll shut down for the next season so we get our way." Whether that's the thought process of owners during a lockout or not, it's irrelevant. The "court of public opinion" way that the sports loving public tends to view lockouts is not very open-minded. As a fan, if a league I watch frequently stops playing because of dollar disputes, it says ...

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