Steelers-Chargers Sunday Night Football: A Running Commentary

Posted: 4th October 2009 by Brian Lutz in NFL
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They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or something along those lines.á á Tonight, IÆm taking a page from the master, Bill Simmons, who pretty much invented his own genre of writing back in the late-90s or early-00s.á ItÆs known as the ôlive journal,ö ôreal-time diary,ö or, my personal favorite, ôrunning commentary.ö á I decided to give it a try for the Sunday night Steelers-Chargers game, which looks good on paper but is probably the third-most anticipated match-up of the week (after Baltimore-New England and Green Bay-Minny).á á However, as Kenny Mayne would say, games arenÆt played on paper û theyÆre played inside TV sets.á á Anyway, onto the gameà á á á First Quarter á 15:00á IÆVE BEEN WAITING ALL DAY FOR SUNDAY NIGHT.á Really, IÆve only been ...

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Article written by Brian Lutz

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