Ryan Mundy’s Late Hit Another Reason for NFL Safety Reform

Posted: 7th December 2009 by Zack Nally in NFL
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In SundayÆs game between the Steelers and the Oakland Raiders, safety Ryan Mundy was called for a late hit, which gave the Raiders a first down, eventually leading to the game-winning touchdown. What I find more interesting, though, is theátype of hit Mundy made. The NFL already has a rule that discourages players using their helmets to initiate contact on another player in a defenseless position, but helmet-to-helmet hits are still allowed. The tenacity of these kinds ofáblows isáa large contributor to the concussions that areábecoming front-page newsáin the NFL right now.á Aside from theálateness of the hit, I donÆt blame Mundy for his helmet bashing.áIt's a result of standard coaching.á I can still remember my old ball coach yelling at us to get a hat on our man andálay him ...

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