Please Pay Chris Johnson

Posted: 18th May 2010 by Jared Zeidman in NFL
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Disclaimer For the remainder of this piece, I am going to insinuate that $550,000 is not a lot of money. I would like to take a second to recognize that this insinuation itself is asinine. I, along with 99.5% of this country, will never make $550,000 in a year. That being said, I also understand that gross financial figures in sports are so high they are nearly incomprehensible. But in sports, getting paid a half-a-million American dollars means that you are just good enough at what you do to be a professional. Now that I got that out of the way. The Titans have to be one of the most poorly run organizations in football. And if you don’t believe me, you can just look at the last two years. In 2008, the Titans looked like one of the only unbeatable teams in the NFL, wit ...

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