Peyton Manning and Colts Last To Lose: Is Perfection Really Worth It?

Posted: 27th December 2009 by T.J. Donegan in NFL
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In many ways, it's all the Dolphins' fault. It's the Dolphinsùthose pesky, perfect Dolphinsùwho maintain their hold on the national consciousness every year and deprive great teams of the rightful place at the top of the heap. It's those champagne-soaked Dolphins that have skewed the perspective of fans league-wide as to what constitutes a "perfect" season for the better part of four decades. Is it winning all your games? Is it winning the Super Bowl? What is perfection really worth when you can win 18 straight and lose the one that matters? Every year it's the same thing: Team X goes on a run to begin the year, stretching their perfection into December, and every year they lose it as the bogey of perfection finally pulls them down. Utter tripe. The Colts will go into the record books, i ...

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Article written by T.J. Donegan

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