Out with the Loins…In with the Lambs?

Posted: 26th December 2009 by Scott Z Brady in NFL
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Last weekÆs game in Detroit proved several long time NFL adages. One being, æOn any given Sunday'. The Loins showed in the 3rd quarter that even the weakest dog (cat?) can jump up and bite you. Yes, the Big Red came home with a æWÆ, but they did so sweating it out late in the game for what amounts to two breakdowns in the 3rd quarter.

As a fan of a team that spent decades stinking, I consider myself somewhat an expert on the subject. And one thing IÆve learned is that when you give a bad team a glimmer of hope, and a reason to believe in themselves, they can and often will pull off an upset.

Another thing is bad teams tend to play to their opposition. They often get æupÆ for good, or æeliteÆ teams. This explains why, even as perennial cellar dwellers, Cardinals ...

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Article written by Scott Z Brady

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