Oakland Raiders: Who Can Do the Job? Find Him, and Hire Him!

Posted: 28th December 2009 by Damali Binta Yael in NFL
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My grandson is three years old. He said, "Mimi, I want the Cleveland Browns to win...I am pulling for the Browns." I said, "Grandson, I am pulling for the Oakland Raiders, so we will talk later, after the game on Sunday." What happened? Oakland lost to the Cleveland Browns, and the score was two times nine plus five in favor of the Cleveland Browns. It was 9-23, a victory for my grandson's team. Well, I am humbledábecause my three-year-old grandson was wise enough to pick a winning team, and Grandmama had to "eat her words." Now what do you tell the next generation of fans when you see that your team is a "yo-yo," winning and losing, and lately (during the past five or six years), mostly losing? What will I tell my grandson? Here is what I would say. When you grow up, remember to prepare ...

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Article written by Damali Binta Yael

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