Oakland Raiders’ Strength Made Strong in Weakness

Posted: 2nd January 2010 by Damali Binta Yael in NFL
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How can anyone anticipate a strong finish in the performance of the Oakland Raiders in 2009? I can, and I have data on which to base my anticipated outcome between the Oakland Raiders and the Baltimore Ravens. Why wouldn't a team that is 36 years older than its opponent, have a strong finish. The data shows that there is a possibility. Take a look: The top curve represents the performance of the Ravens during the last six games in 2009. The bottom curve represents the Oakland Raiders. Notice that there are more peaks in the curve for the Raiders, indicating to me that the Raiders are performing better than the Ravens during the last six games in 2009. The overall average in the category of win-loss ratio is .518 for the Ravens, and the Raiders have .551. Both teams lost the Dec. 27 game. H ...

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Article written by Damali Binta Yael

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