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This year was a season of hope for Lions fans. Jim Schwartz was brought on board along with a new coaching staff.á Thirty oneáplayers of the 2009 53 man rosteráare not part of the MattáMillen era. Oh, did I mention they fired Matt Millen?á There were even snazzy new uniforms to completely put theáMillen era behind us. Yes indeed, the year looked bright.á Now it looks like another season down the toilet and fans are already looking to next year.á Trueáthey areá2,000% better than last season, but the playoffs are still light-years away. One player remaining from theáMillen time period is wide receiver standout Calvin Johnson.á Is it time for him to go too? Johnson is just about the closest thing to a star player the Lions have. But so was Joey Harrington, Mike Williams, and Roy W ...

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Article written by Caleb M.

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