NFL Salary Cap: How Parity Has Become Disparity In the League

Posted: 29th October 2009 by schuyler cornwell in NFL
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This year in the NFL, one would be hard pressed to find similarities between the elite teams and the cellar dwellers. This past weekend emphasized that difference, with blowouts galore and the victorious teams outscoring their defeated brethren, 433-169. Wasn't the NFL supposed to have parity? The salary cap is hailed as the reason why any given Sunday the worst team in the NFL can beat the best team. A way to limit any one team from hording talent, the way the Yankees do in baseball and it has been very successful up to this point. There is one very ominous omission from this system that tries to guarantee competition. Ownership and the front office. The NFL can ensure that your beloved franchise has only a certain amount of money to spend on players contracts, but it can't tell the owner ...

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