NFL Quarterback: Drafting an Idea?

Posted: 10th October 2009 by Brad Vipperman in NFL
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What does it take to play quarterback in the NFL?á Aside from not being drafted by the Browns or Raiders, is there a certain formula for success?á Is there reason why Peyton Manning and JaMarcus Russell, while both former No. 1 overall picks, are traveling down slightly different career paths?á What about guys who were complete afterthoughts on draft day: Guys like Tom Brady (sixth round) and Tony Romo (undrafted)?á All of this varied success got me wondering if there is any kind of method to the madness.á LetÆs explore. Currently, of the 32 starting NFL quarterbacks (injured players like Chad Pennington and Matt Stafford are still counted as starters), 16 were drafted in the first round.á Half the league right there.á Of those 16 quarterbacks, five were the No. 1 overall pick (Pey ...

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