NFL Congressional Testimony to Include Published Mouth Guard Data

Posted: 1st December 2009 by Mahercor .com in NFL
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á á Paula Duffy Examiner More than a year ago I wrote a piece about a simple mouth guard which prevented concussions when worn by athletes. I asked why the NFL wasn't all over it, testing it, buying it, and making it part of their equipment. The mouth guard was developed and is sold by a dentist named Gerald Maher who for many years has been the dentist for the New England Patriots. As Patriots players got the hang of the device they raved about it, (testimonials on Maher's company's website ) especially players who had already suffered heard trauma. As those Patriots players like Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel moved about the league they brought their mouth guards with them and members of their new teams were introduced to the device. But this was mere anecdotal evidence and the NFL sa ...

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