New York Giants: Perhaps We’ve Been Overestimating Them All Along

Posted: 5th January 2010 by Michael Fitzpatrick in NFL
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Ok, so itÆs a little shocking that after a 5-0 start to the season, the Giants proceeded to lose five of their next six games. And itÆs nothing short of astonishing how the Giants were out-scored 85-16 over the past two weeks.á College basketball teams give up fewer points in two games than the Giants defense managed to allow. Fellow Giants fans, we never saw this one comingàbut we probably should have. á The Giants are just two years removed from their miraculous 2007 Super Bowl run.á However, their 2007 run was just that, a miraculous one-month run to the Super Bowl. Needless to say, winning a Super Bowl is no easy task.á However, winning a Super Bowl often has a lot to do with a team getting hot at precisely the right time of the year, which is exactly what happened for the Giant ...

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