New Orleans Saints Strip Washington Redskins of Victory, Escape D.C. Perfect

Posted: 10th December 2009 by Patrick Generose in NFL
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What's it going to take? How many times are the Saints going to prove you wrong? On the growing list of ways the Saints are finding to win, you can file Sunday's win in Washington under the "grand theft" section.á In a season where everything has gone right for the Saints, it's only fittingáthey catch a break of this magnitude, even if theáunbeaten teamádidn't necessarily need it. In no other season, on any other Sunday, on any other fieldáwould the Saints have come out the victor.á But these are a new brand of Saintsáin 2009. á There is something to be said, however,áabout the Redskins team that was the victim of the Saints' come-from-behind victory. Washington did absolutely everything right on Sundayùuntil the final five minutes of the game.á But the Redskins haveábeen doing ...

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