New England Patriots and Competitive Balance in the NFL

Posted: 11th November 2009 by Mike Gleason in NFL
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This year, the NFL's much-vaunted parity has become something of a joke. The league has clearly been stratified this yearùthere are the top contenders, and then there's everyone else. We have a bevy of teams that are just plain horrible: the Titans, Browns, Bucs, Chiefs, Rams, Redskins, Raiders, and Lions are all haplessly running out the clock at this point. Pundits everywhere are decrying the blowouts and questioning what can be done. Why does this matter to the Patriots? Well, the team has been on the winning side of some awfully lopsided games. Since the team is part of the NFL's current ruling class, it behooves fans to know when guillotine sales go up. Successful teams should listen very closely whenever there is talk of leveling the playing field. What complicates matters is ...

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