Michael Vick Earned His Falcon Wings

Posted: 9th December 2009 by Mike Franklin in NFL
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  No, it is not the best year to be an Atlanta Falcons fan and no, if you ever were, or still are a Mike Vick fan, you had better not admit to it in public.

It’s like this; in some ways, football is a lot like politics.
(I see that look on your face but, you know I’m right.)

With both, you will find people who are often so completely devoted to a player or a team that it just goes well beyond all sense or reason. In fact, a heartfelt devotion to a football team is about as close as you can get to politics without actually diving head first into the red/blue septic tank.

But the opposite side of this coin is the one with a dull, tarnished finish, and adoration has nothing to do with the sentiment.

Just as some will love one player, ...

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Article written by Mike Franklin

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