Math Wasn’t a Factor in Belichick’s Fourth and Two Equation

Posted: 17th November 2009 by Evan Sweeney in NFL
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Enough already. Give it up. Put away your calculator, your abacus, and your ZUES computer system. Please, no more freakonomics , or statistics, or probabilities. Save your analytics , algorithms, and algebra equations for baseball season. They don't fit this situation. Bill Belichick's decision to go for it on fourth and two on his own 28 wasn't a glimpse of mathematical genius, or statistical prowess. It wasn't even mildly intelligent. It was wrong, and there isn't a single equation that is going to make it right. The problem with stats and probabilities is they are fun if you're playing fantasy football, but they're also about as dry and unemotional as a Belichick press conference. Probability doesn't account for momentum swings, crowd noise, Peyton Manning, a blister on Tom Brady' ...

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