Lions Show Signs Of Life in Win Over Browns

Posted: 22nd November 2009 by Thomas Knapp in NFL
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Okay, let's ignore the fact that it's the Cleveland Browns we're talking about here. Because I know a lot of nay-sayers are going to point to that fact with every warm and fuzzy article that will be written about this game. I'm just going to address that with this; yes, it was the Browns.á I get that.á The Browns are a very bad team.á This doesn't really change much in the big picture.á The Lions are still a very poor squad with little NFL caliber talent.á They're still going to get absolutely run off of Ford Field Thursday, and the talk that the Lions should lose the automatic right to a Thanksgiving game will start anew. No one should be fooled into thinking that this team is going anywhere anytime soon. I'm not excited with the win itself, and I'm certainly not expecting another w ...

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