Jay Cutler’s Future Still Bright, but Luminosity Remains a Fair Question

Posted: 14th September 2009 by Andrew Nuschler in NFL
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Despite my lack of affection for Jay Cutler, one cannot deny the kid has talent. No matter what I may say about the gray matter between his ears, the diva who forced his way out of Denver has a cannon hanging from his shoulder. Not only that, he's got one hell of a competitive drive and comes equipped with a full arsenal of athleticism to complement his arm. So it makes sense to pump the brakes on the hyperbole in the wake of his debut for the Chicago Bears. I'm sure much gloom and doom will be written after his disastrous opening act, and the bulk will be warranted. Cutler's new squad lost the game 21-15, and more ominously, it seems they lost Brian Urlacher for the year. I think that qualifies as a bad start. It's one thing to lose a game you probably should've won. It's another to snat ...

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