Jason Voorhees Takes the Snap: NFL Quarterbacks as Friday the 13th Movies

Posted: 2nd October 2009 by Chad Waylon Pouncy in NFL
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October is here and Halloween is creeping up on us. Nothing says Halloween like horror and nothing says horror like the Friday the 13th. Hidden behind a tattered hockey mask is the face of the franchise, Jason Voorhees. Waiting in the shadows, Jason plotted and slashed through his victims with strength and accuracy. Often overlooked were Jason's patience, persistence and poise. The same attributes makeup great quarterbacks in the NFL. A top notch QB must be able to handle the preasure of being the face of a franchise. They have to go out, week after week, and slash through opposing defenses with strength and accuracy. The three aforementioned "P"s (patience, persistence, and poise) are vital elements of success for an NFL quarterback. Here we examine 10 QBs and how they stack up agai ...

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Article written by Chad Waylon Pouncy

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