Jamarcus Struggles;What’s In a Name?

Posted: 29th September 2009 by Matthew LaChiusa in NFL
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There is a grumbling in the Nation. And no, the source is not Khalif Barnes stomach as he contemplates the best spot for a hamburger instead of focusing on being a starter in the NFL. That noise comes deep within the Black Hole and revibrates across the great Raiders Nation. This ear-drum splitting noise calls out one man's incompetence on the football field. Nevermind the sloppy play of the Raiders DT's, slow-to-react LB's, archiac defensive schemesáor an oversized OL that can't move a pile of infield dirt. No, this noise is directed to Public Enemy Number One. The guy wearing #2 and a stupid knitted hat, with it on he looks like a fat Elmer Fudd. This enemy within, this unholyáis the quarterback of the Oakland Raiders. Jamarcus Russell. The Raiders Nation is correct in voic ...

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