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For the last couple of weeks, ColtsÆ fans have read articles, and listened to the talking heads on T.V. (sadly including former Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy) say such and such a team was going to be the most dangerous team in the playoffs. For the most part, that team has been the San Diego Chargers. Compelling arguments abound, with greater alacrity then WashingtonÆs deficit spending, why the Colts should be afraid of the Chargers, how the Chargers are the last team that the Colts want to see in the playoffs, etc. But the facts belie the rhetoric. So letÆs lay waste to all this hot air, by looking at who the Chargers have played in this winning streak of theirs, that the Vic Caruccis of the world seem to think is the most astounding thing to happen since the first time he tasted Cheese ...

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Article written by Justin Javan

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