In the AFC Wildcard Race, 9-7 Is the New 10-6

Posted: 29th December 2009 by Paul Preibisius in NFL
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What a difference a few weeks can make.á From midseason (weeks 8/9/10) stretching through to the three-quarter mark (weeks 12/13) it appeared that any team would need at least a 10-6 record to be able to secure a wild card seeding and a playoff berth. Jacksonville and Denver had the inside tracks to both seeds with 8-4 and 7-5 records, respectively.á Three straight losses to each team have now confused the race.á Neither team now holds a playoff seedùthose wild card leads now belong to Baltimore and the New York Jets, two teams thought to have lost just enough games to be out of contention not too long ago. They are not the only teams to appear resurrected.á In addition to the Jacksonville, New York, and Denver, 8-7 records were also earned by Pittsburgh and Houston after each won a ...

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Article written by Paul Preibisius

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