In Praise of Bill: Why Belichick Is the NFL’s Best Coach

Posted: 12th September 2009 by Mike Gleason in NFL
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In 333 BC, a young king came to the ancient city of Gordium and was presented with an ancient puzzle: the Gordian Knot. It had been prophesied that the man who untied the knot would become king of Asia. Many men had attempted to undo the knot; all met with failure. The king took a look at the knot, unsheathed his sword and cut the knot neatly in half. The young man had contemplated and put to use two facts: one, that it was impossible to untie the knot and two, that fact was irrelevant. When it comes to problem-solving, many of us are depressingly linear in our thoughts: we see a knot and immediately move to untie it. If that should fail, we often continue with the failed strategy, dashing our heads fruitlessly against the problem. That's why Bill Belichick is my favorite coach. I won't us ...

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Article written by Mike Gleason

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