Have Sports Mascots and Stadium Names Crossed The Line?

Posted: 18th November 2009 by Sayre Bedinger in NFL
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Where do professional sports teams draw the line? Is there a line to be drawn? All across the sports globe, there are questionable if not borderline offensive and derogatory mascots and stadium names. Or are there? This topic was recently brought to my attention by fellow Bleacher Reporter Chaz Mattson, a fellow Denver Broncos columnist who sparked my interest with an enlightening debate. The topic at hand was the Washington Redskins, and we were at disagreement over whether or not their mascot was offensive to Native Americans. Maybe it is, but any offense taken by those whose heritage is that of the Native Americans is simply selfishness on their part. I mean no offense by this whatsoever. I realize, acknowledge, and am embarrassed at the fact that this nation of people suffered mass gen ...

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Article written by Sayre Bedinger

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