Diagrams of the Ace Formation

Posted: 28th October 2009 by Justin Javan in NFL
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The following diagrams are examples of the different ways the Colts use the Ace Formation. There are about six formations that the Colts use, that are based on the Ace formation. What's great about the Ace Formation, and how the Colts use it, is that they can disguise they're plays without have to substitute, huddle, or call a timeout. For example, let say the play called is an Outside Zone, Peyton gets to the line, reads the defense, and decides the play isn't going to work. So he audibles, drops back into the Shotgun, and calls a Half-Back Draw. The defense has no clue what just happened. In fact they're probably thinking pass now, but the Colts are still going to run the ball. That's the genius of the way the Colts use this formation.Begin Slideshow ...

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