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If you look real hard at the NFL standings in this morningÆs newspaperùsquint, go cross-eyed, maybe dip the newsprint in lemon juice and hold it up to a black lightùyouÆll see a fourth column, nestled among W, L, and T. ItÆs MV. And the Detroit Lions are among the league leaders in that secret society category. MVùthe Moral Victory. The Lions do pretty well against that spread; have for years, as a matter of fact. The NFLÆs Moral Victory is something thatÆs declared, not proven on any stat sheet; it doesnÆt necessarily even jump out at you on the JumboTron scoreboard in the end zone. The MV, loosely translated, means getting just due for something that should be routine. The Lions lost yesterdayùa distinct ôLö in the commonly-accepted league standings that are visible to the na ...

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Article written by Greg Eno

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