Denver Broncos’ 4-0 Start Refuels the Orange Crush Fever

Posted: 6th October 2009 by Jesse Schaffer in NFL
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It's funny how some things in life can be completely invisible to some people and have complete control over others. Take football for instance. I myself cannot live without the Broncos. Believe me, I've tried. It wasn't pretty. When the season starts, this obsession of mine borders on insanity. Put me in a room with Jessica Alba and I guarantee you my mind will flip to the Broncos at least once. Thankfully, not everyone is as crazy about this as I am. Just last week one of my roommates tried to hook me up with this girl he knew and we wound up talking about our favorite things. Of course she found out about my man crush on the Broncos, but what about her favorite team? Her: Okay now you try and guess mine. Me: I have no clue, but if you say the Raiders I'm going to be mad. Her: I don't ha ...

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