Decade of the Quarterback? Why Passing in the NFL Is As Solid As Ever

Posted: 18th November 2009 by T.J. Donegan in NFL
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Patriots? Colts? Steelers? Brady? Manning? Roethlisberger? Lost in much of the discussion over which team is the best of the decade is just how much more successful quarterbacks have been at passing the ball as the decade has worn on. Rule changes, advances in medicine, and a change in the organizational philosophies of NFL teams have led to a league in which passing the football is as efficient as it has ever been. The adage that "there are three things that can happen when you pass and two of them are bad" only applies to high school football these days, as NFL teams are finding it easier to complete their passes. There are any number of ways to look at quarterback play statistically, but for the purposes of this article, I'll keep it simple and use a formula we're all familiar with: qua ...

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Article written by T.J. Donegan

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