Chris Johnson’s Uniform Found To Have Spiderman Symbiote

Posted: 19th December 2009 by Dave Trembley in NFL
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You remember the movie Spiderman III?áJustáaáfew years ago?

Remember there was a mysterious black oozing tar that incredibly had a will of its own? That the black oozing appended itself to Peter ParkerÆs SpideyÆs suit and gave him incredible strength, speed, and an attitude nastier than Steve Hutchinson with a belly fully of Tasmanian Devils?á And Peter Parker brought the suit to his teacher, Dr. Curt Conners, who called the oozing tar a symbiote? á You remember all that? á Good. á You remember too, that at the end of the movie, in the climatic scene where the villain Eddie Brock, who had also the symbiote on his suit, was about to reunite with it? Remember that Spidey threw a pumpkin bomb that blew both Brock and the symbiote to Kingdom Come? á You probably thought that ...

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Article written by Dave Trembley

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