Bucccaneers Squashed By Saints and It Wasn’t Pretty

Posted: 22nd November 2009 by Tom Edrington in NFL
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Told you so. All you dreamersùgo to your rooms. Go there now and stay there until you're told to come out! Sunday, you saw what 10-and-zero looks like. And you saw what one-and-nine looks like. You saw a 38-7 undressing of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by the New Orleans Saints. You saw the Saints flat out de-pants the Bucs in front of the home crowd. You saw more exposure of the horrible Jim Bates defense that has scribbled this unit into the Buccaneer history books as the most generous ever when it comes to surrendering points. You saw Drew Brees do what Drew Brees does. You saw the Buccaneer run defense make Pierre Thomas and Mike Bell look like Barry Sanders. You saw the Saints defense make Josh Freeman look like, well, a rookie. Three interceptions and a fumble left no hope that he'd som ...

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Article written by Tom Edrington

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