Browns Fans Need To Remember Rule 76: No Excuses, Play Like a Champion

Posted: 30th September 2009 by Michael Timmons in NFL
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While listening to the excuses pile up for the Browns lack of success this season, I remember a situation in the 2005 Movie, "Wedding Crashers". John Beckwith blames Jeremy Grey for his own mistake he made, but Jeremy responds by reciting Rule 76 of Chaz Reinhold's sacred rules of wedding crashing, declaring there are "no excuses, play like a champion". Lately there have been way too many excuses made in Cleveland. Fans attempting to protect their own preferred players by blaming theiráfailure on their circumstances. While circumstances do play a part in success, great players find a way to rise above their circumstances. Players who require a perfect situation for their success are not great players. While fans have made enough excuses defending either Quarterback's errors, we need to re ...

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Article written by Michael Timmons

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