‘Boys Will Be ‘Boys, If Romo Excels Merely With Fewer Tosses

Posted: 29th September 2009 by Jonathan Mathis in NFL
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My inclination each season is to imagine the Dallas Cowboys, getting past unnecessary futility that has suffocated high expectations in the past. But in a juncture, when it seems Tony Romo isnÆt beleaguered with paparazzi snapping endless snapshots of him and ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson vacationing at a pool party a week before a pivotal playoff game, he might have a better possibility at avoiding a late collapse and advance to the playoffs. In likelihood, he might presumably have better luck, attaining the big one that he has yet to win. Without an egotistic and psychotic Terrell Owens yelling loudly in his ear for not getting enough touches,áthereáshouldn't be any diversity or rebellious chemistry sabotaging a spacious locker room inside a new colossal stadium, ...

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