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The biggest key to Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis ColtsÆ six game winning streak over the Ravens hasnÆt been overwhelming talent or coaching; it has been ManningÆs ability to know exactly where the Ravens are and how to get to where they arenÆt. And thatÆs not just throwing away from hapless Raven defensive backs.á When the Ravens want to blitz, he turns them into a twisted web of deep coverage. When they want to fall back, he artfully directs a short passing game mixed with occasional runs into the teeth of the defense. ItÆs simple enough to throw out the cliches of ômake Manning feel pressure and hope for mistakes,ö but heÆs been in the league too long and seen too much film for cliches to have any effect. With no Terrell Suggs and a recovering Haloti Ngata , pressure from ...

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Article written by Jarrett Carter

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