As It Stands, Brett Favre Is NFL’s MVP

Posted: 23rd November 2009 by kevin roberts in NFL
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If we remove all biases and opinions, I feel that we have finally come to the point in the 2009 NFL season , at least for now, that Brett Favre is without a doubt the front-runner for the MVP award. You can hate him. You can love him. You can respect him, and you can be sick to death of hearing his name. But one things is for certainùyou can't ignore the season he and his team are having. You can make arguments for his teammate, Adrian Peterson. You could easily say that Peyton Manning is deserving, that Drew Brees has been solid, and that because Favre isn't undefeated, he can't win the award over either of the aforementioned quarterbacks. Hell, when it's all said and done, if Aaron Rodgers can will his Green Bay Packers into the playoffs, as well as keep his ridiculous numbers up, perh ...

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