Are the Minnesota Vikings Half Empty or Half Full?

Posted: 30th December 2009 by JP Frederick in NFL
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HALF EMPTY Son of a...! Every year, Adrian Peterson fumbles, and fumbles, and fumbles. And every year, Vikings players, coaches, the fans, and Peterson himself all say it's not that big of a concern, that he's getting better at protecting the ball. And every year, the problem grows, and grows, and grows, like a herpes sore on Paris Hilton. Hold. On. To. The. Ball. Doesn't he have the strongest handshake since Goliath? And yet he can't hang on to the ball?á What a great time for the special teams to fall apart, too. When they're not giving up a 57-yard kick return (or 59-yard return, or a return that was only 31 yards because Johnny Knox slipped on the slick Soldier Field), they're letting an extra point get blocked, or Chris Kluwe is punting it into the end zone, again.á Nice performance ...

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