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After a disappointing end to a promising 5-0 start last year, and an epic collapse in the final month of the 2008 season, the Giants recognized that changes needed to be made.

One of which lead to the release of former Giants’ linebacker Antonio Pierce.

Although Pierce may have exited the New York spotlight, that didn’t stop him from grabbing some of its headlines this off-season when he publicly stated both player and coaching personnel within the Giants organization were on “high alert”.

The fascinating part about all of this is that he is not alone.

“I think he’s right on key with that,” Giants defensive back Terrell Thomas said. “The last two years have been very disappointing, coming off a Super Bowl win, coming back with a 12-win season, and losing in playoffs early on, and then coming back the following year going 5-0, and then pretty much going on a roller coaster ride ever since then, its been up and down since then. We have to find a way to overcome that.”

Thomas was not the only Giant who could relate to the comments Pierce made, however, according to Giants defensive end Justin Tuck, the words high alert don’t mean much to him.

“I’m not on high alert, not at all,” said Tuck. “I have nothing to be on high alert about, but I understand where he is coming from. We didn’t have, by our standards, a successful year last year. There are 16 other teams in the NFL that would have loved an 8-8 year, but you know for us that is unacceptable.”

The Giants have already experienced quite the personnel shakeup with a new defensive line coach and coordinator, roster additions such as Antrel Rolle, and a draft filled with rookies who will undoubtedly be competing for playing time.

With that said, if New York experiences another disappointing season, Giants co-owner John Mara has certainly shown he is not  afraid to make any necessary changes he sees fit.

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