An Uncapped Year: How It Affects the Green Bay Packers

Posted: 7th December 2009 by Jason Potvin in NFL
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With the March 31 deadline approaching and no imminent effort from Roger Goodell to extend or create a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, it looks like 2010 will be the first uncapped year for the NFL in 16 years. Similar to Major League Baseball, teams will have no salary cap to restrict how much money is spent on their 51-man roster.á Obviously, owners like Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder couldn't be more excited with an uncapped year. Unfortunately, the smaller-market teams that aren't owned by billionaires don't want to see the NFL turn into the MLB, where rich teams can buy up all the talent by outbidding every smaller market team. With an uncapped year, highly-sought-after free agents are likely to receive more money than they would ever be offered in a year with a salary cap. At ...

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Article written by Jason Potvin

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