Al Davis: An Icon in Need of Change

Posted: 8th December 2009 by Stickum37 in NFL
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The idea of following Al Davis with blind allegiance will forever baffle me. á Is Mr. Davis a football ICON? Definitely, but all icons must fall. á This past week was a great game and win for Al Davis, the Raiders and one I could enjoy as a fan. One game does not blind me to the losing seasons, or should I say 10+ loss seasons, I have witnessed first hand with my season ticket. á I want this team to win as do all Raider fans, but change is needed at the top to bring back consistent winning. á I as well as many other Raider fans do not believe Mr. Davis, in his elder years, has what is needed to bring this team back by himself. á All that is being asked is for Mr. Davis to bring in a GM, a real football GM. Someone Al respects and listens to as well as they do the same. A leader with t ...

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