AFC North: Toughest Division in the NFL?

Posted: 11th November 2009 by Donna Cavanagh in NFL
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Get a group of football fans together talking about their favorite teams, comparing records and schedules, and sooner or later, someone will throw out a phrase along the lines of ôWell, they play in a tougher division.ö

We, at , confess we love this discussion. We write about it as often as we can. We address this issue in the preseason , regular season, postseason, and offseason.

In past discussions, we have used our ôRelative Performance Measureö (RPM) as the main talking point in the discussion. If you have been following some of our ôschedule analysis ö articles this season, you know we have been looking at teamsÆ records vs. winning and losing teams.

So, we are going to throw some new definitions and tables at you so you are bett ...

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Article written by Donna Cavanagh

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