Why the David Lee Trade Was a Brilliant Move.

Posted: 9th July 2010 by Ashwath Krishna in NBA
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Like seemingly everyone else, I was turned off by the utter narcissism and grandiosity of LeBron James' "Decision" special on ESPN. And like everybody else, I tuned it to watch it. However, I wasn't just watching to see what the "Man Who Will Never Be King" would do on an intellectual level. I had a dog in the hunt. I knew that LeBron's decision could impact the future of the Warriors, and more importantly, could impact whether I would quit on them as a fan for good. When James announced he was going to Miami, I screamed out, "YES!" I knew what this meant. We would get David Lee from the Knicks. Halle-f***ing-lujah! While I feel for the city of Cleveland, I had to celebrate. I drank to them and to everyone burning the No. 23 Cavs jerseys last night. Think of it as my "donate proceeds to th ...

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