Why Is It So Easy to Root For The Thunder?

Posted: 31st December 2009 by Casey Womack in NBA
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You're already thinking about it.á So let's just ask the question again;á Why? What about this team draws us in and makes us huge fans?á They're new, extremely young, and not even that great yet. But we still keep up with them, if not watch every game they play. After reading an article on dailythunder.com, it got me thinking.á Maybe we like them because we're watching the beginning of something.á Something that's potentially going to be around for a long time. Something we can look back on and be happy to say we saw them grow. Think about it.á Everyone involved in the Thunder organization is relatively young. Everyone knows how young the players are, currently sitting as the second youngest team in the league.á But the coach Scott Brooks and general manager Sam Presti are both youn ...

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Article written by Casey Womack

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