To Guarantee Or Non-Guarantee?

Posted: 27th February 2010 by Gagan Singh in NBA
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In the new CBA, the NBA owners apparently want to do away with guaranteed contracts and introduce the era of non-guaranteed contracts, so that teams are not handicapped by players that don’t perform after getting a big contract. As good as that sounds, it’s an idea that will not necessarily benefit the NBA. There are a couple of flaws that I see with this idea. If the owners have the ability to cancel contracts at any time they choose, then I assume that players will have the ability to holdout if they believe they are being paid under market value just as players do in the NFL. And unlike the NFL, one player holding out on a NBA team can have drastic results such as whether or not that team will end up making the playoffs or go golfing in mid-April. The attendance numbers for ...

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