Tim Donaghy Hasn’t Earned Right To Write Book

Posted: 18th December 2009 by Burton DeWitt in NBA
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Well, we've all done it. We've all fallen in.

Just two years ago, we were all vilifying Tim Donaghy, lambasting him for starting one of the largest scandals in the history of American professional sport. He was the emblem of everything we thought was wrong with the NBA, the beacon we thought would tear apart the league and force it to rebuild with more honest principles. At the very least, we hoped Donaghy would have to pay, would have to live the rest of his life in misery atoning for how he stained the NBA.

And now, just two years later, we have given Donaghy another out.

Tim Donaghy's book, Personal Foul: A First-Person Account of the Scandal That Rocked the NBA , published just over two weeks ago, is Donaghy's attempt at salvation. While it hasn't been Harry ...

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Article written by Burton DeWitt

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