The Clippers and Coke Bottle Glasses

Posted: 28th March 2010 by Buy The Clippers in NBA
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Remember the days when the thickness of your glasses was a clear indicator as to how bad your eyes were? Thankfully, I didn’t have those glasses as a kid. I remember the coke bottle glasses kids as those who were woeful at sports--the type of kids who couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time.   These kids didn't know much about sports, and they did not have many friends. If they did try out for the team, they were always cut first.  If they played back yard football with the neighbors, they were always picked last. You remember. Were these kids simply unathletic, or did their coke bottle glasses ruin any chance of being an athlete? I imagine these people look back and wonder the same question--could today’s optical technology have saved me from years of at ...

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