Suns-Spurs: Revenge Is Sweep

Posted: 10th May 2010 by Jess Root in NBA
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Yes, I just used that title. Puns rule (especially tonight). But it is my brother-in-law that gets credit for this punny title. He gave me it after the Suns' game three win over the Spurs. Now, the sweep is complete. The brooms (used only once before on a Memphis team that has yet to EVER win a playoff game) made their appearance in another gutsy, come from behind victory by the Suns. In a related story, the team is now short a monkey (note that it is not short a gorilla, although this monkey is at least as large as THE Gorilla). Reportedly, it grew tired of hanging behind players. Team sources state that the team will not be seeking a replacement at this time, nor any time in the future. What made this series so great? Here is what I saw that I loved: 1. It was the Spurs. Beating them wou ...

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