Putting The “Arenas” In “Arsenal”

Posted: 8th January 2010 by Jeffrey Boswell in NBA
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Washington Wizards players Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittendon allegedly drew guns in a "standoff" in the Wizards locker room, an incident that the NBA, as well as federal and state officials, are investigating. Arenas claims the incident was all in good fun, and accounts of the situation have been blown out of proportion. What's the real story, and what fate awaits Arenas, as well as the NBA? Usually, when someone recounts a situation involving guns as "all in good fun," that person is, in most cases, delusional or just plain stupid. Arenas is at least one, and probably both. To his credit, though, at least he didn't describe the situation as a "barrel" of fun. Apparently, on December 21st in the Wizards locker room in the Verizon Center, Arenas put three guns on a chair and asked Critt ...

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